Playing together shapes the way we live together. The power of sport and recreation is immense. When good sport happens, we are instilling character in our children, strengthening our organizations and creating stronger, healthier, happier, safer and more connected communities.

Be part of this important conversation as we discuss what good sport and recreation is and why is it important. Learn how the True Sport Lives Here Manitoba initiative provides the solid foundation to help build the sport we want for ALL and at ALL levels of participation. Be inspired by Carter Wall, our young Keynote speaker. Most importantly participants will leave with regionally specific value-based principles that can help direct program planning in your communities.

We need all your voices because good sport doesn’t happen by chance – be part of promoting the positive things that sport teaches us about teamwork, respect for others and putting your best foot forward all the time – win, lose or draw.

Recreation Manitoba is pleased to offer this session in collaboration with True Sport Lives Here Manitoba and their collaborating partners.

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