The Recreation Manitoba Resource Library is a repository of information to help recreation and parks practitioners and volunteers.

  • Within each folder is a google sheet that is a directory of files, websites and other resources available for you to view and or use. Some of those files are hosted within this Google drive and others are links to the websites where they are hosted. If you come across a broken link please notify us so that we can change or delete the link. Within the files there are also sub folders. You might look into a folder and not see any files other than the directory. That means most of the files are links to other websites or resources.
  • If you have resources that you believe would be of benefit to others please email them to so we can add them to the library.
  • If you cant find a resource you are looking for please let us know and we can help source it.
  • We encourage you to check back frequently as we are regularly adding new resources as we come across them and or as people request them.
  • If you find a resource that you would like to use we ask that you not edit the document in the folder but download the file.
  • We recommend crediting the organization or person who developed the resource when using it for your purpose.

Recreation Manitoba provides these resources without endorsement of the content. Groups and organizations that use the resources do so on their own volition and Recreation Manitoba is not responsible for how the resources are used.

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