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November 08, 2021 11:23 | Anonymous

Recreation Manitoba is pleased to announce the continuation of our partnership Marmak. Asset management is a key component of running a successful facility and to be able to meet the challenge of both the present and future head on.

Our partnership with Marmak provides our members with access to software which allows them to be able efficiently and effectively manage those assets and the support and training to ensure they can implement an asset management program.

This partnership will provide Recreation Manitoba with the following benefits

1. Access to Inventory module at no cost ($2400 annual value / member).

2. Training and support for recreation asset management. 3. Ability to become RCMs at no cost (

4. Opportunity for Recreation MB members to attend joint Marmak and Recreation Manitoba to webinars and workshops for free.

5. Recreation Manitoba members will receive a reduced cost on having Marmak staff visit to collect inventory data for capital assets (

6. Recreation Manitoba members will receive help and support when applying for FCM Asset Management Funding.

Zachary Tarantino from Marmak had this to say “We are excited to renew our partnership with Recreation Manitoba. It has been a great opportunity to work with the members of Recreation Manitoba to help establish and develop recreation asset management. We are looking forward to many years of this successful partnership. Our thanks go to Shane Ray, all the staff at Recreation Manitoba, and the Board of Directors as well to make the opportunity possible!"


In 1999, Marmak established the Municipal Partnership Program to assist municipalities implement asset management solutions. This Municipal Partnership comprises of over 100 clients whose participation has resulted in the development of various solutions.

Marmak continues to grow its solutions offerings and garner a superb reputation for delivering cost effective, leading-edge municipal solutions.


Ontario Recreation Facilities Association approached Marmak in 2016 with an idea to collect and standardize recreation asset inventory for all of their members. That idea grew in functionality and adoption. RFAM now has over 10 modules for recreation operations and is being used and endorsed around the world by a variety of organizations.

RFAM currently has a number of partners from across Canada and the US. Our partners operate within the parks and recreation sector and have years of industry knowledge and expertise. They continually help enhance RFAM to better suit the needs and requirements of RFAM’s users. On a regular basis our partners have an active share in the development, marketing, and adoption of the RFAM product. Without their support RFAM would not be where it is today.

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