Resources for parks and recreation facilities RE: Public Health Orders for September 3 and October 5

September 02, 2021 15:25 | Shane Ray (Administrator)

Updated Public Health Orders have been released

Public Health Order for October 5

Background information from Province of Manitoba

FAQ from the Province of Manitoba

Sport Manitoba's information piece re October 5 is at this link

Sport Manitoba clarification on September 16 at this link

Province of Manitoba information piece with regards to Human Rights and COVID.

Province of Manitoba COVID posters for facilities

Questions and Answer from a Westman Recreation Facility Meeting

Verification App

You can download a copy of the Verification App at these two links

The Province of Manitoba has developed this resource on using the Verification App.

The Province of Manitoba has provided these samples from other provinces to assist in identifying full vaccinated individuals

Some important things to note from the orders


  • Masks are required within facilities

Proof of vaccination required

  • Proof of vaccination is required for anyone over the age of 12 at the following Theatres, concert halls and other entertainment venues, outdoor tickets performing arts events, museums, art galleries, gyms, fitness studios, yoga studio's, and ticketed sporting events.
  • Participants in group instructional classes(arts, crafts and other recreational subjects) are also subject to proof of vaccination.

Outdoor sports

  • There are no restrictions on participation in outdoor sport with regards to vaccinations.
  • There are restrictions on the number of spectators. It is limited to 50%.
  • Tickets sporting events require proof of vaccination from anyone over the age of 12 as per Order 16

Indoor sports

  • All adults, 18+ will have to be fully vaccinated to participate in sport.
  • Any adult (18+) sports spectators will be required to be fully vaccinated.
    U18 spectators can be allowed entry into a facility with a fully
    vaccinated parent/guardian.
  • Coaches officials, team staff etc are required to be vaccinated as per the orders

Some things to consider for facility operators

  • Recreation MB encourages facility managers to meet with regular users to go over the process for vaccination verification. A collaborative approach will make it easier for everyone.
  • Some facilities have decided to include making rental groups responsible for carrying out the orders when using the facility. While this can be done the Pubic Heath Orders do state that the operator of the facility is responsible. Further in consultation with SportLaw, a facility cannot just pass off their obligations to ensure a safe environment.  There are legal clauses that can be added to a rental agreement, but nothing is fool proof in law. We would encourage the facility to take responsibility to hire screeners to verify vaccination status at the door.

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